Evolution Pilates

Start learning techniques to improve your overall physical health through Evolution Pilates at NeuroPT. Our neurological care center in Falls Church, Virginia, provides hands-on Pilates therapy for patients who are interested in safe exercises. Our therapists are dedicated to helping you in every way possible during your rehabilitation.


What is Pilates?

Developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s, this unique and safe exercise regimen builds better body awareness through fluid movement and mental and physical practice. Pilates was traditionally a form of motor training reserved exclusively for dancers and fine arts performers, but modern physical therapy programs have begun to incorporate the neuromotor training of Pilates into treatments that are mindful for all individuals. Learn more about Evolution Pilates!

Benefits of Pilates

Doing Pilates helps you achieve "core" awareness and strength, which results in flat abdominals and a stable spine. These exercises are ideal for improving posture, spinal alignment, and coordination. It also increases your flexibility, which helps in the development of long, lean muscle tone.

Pilates Classes

Evolution Pilates offers a variety of different class levels that specialize in improving pre- and post-partum symptoms. Our staff helps you find a class to suit your fitness level, ensuring you're doing exercises to best target your muscle and spinal issues.

Equipment and Props Circuit

Each class incorporates a reformer, wall unit, Thera-bands, magic circle, foam rollers, and other equipment. Our program facilitates many Pilates principles that help increase strength, core control, and flexibility.

Beginner Mat

Traditional and evolved mats help incorporate all of the Pilates principles that target general wellness and provide the ease of transfer into daily activity. These mats help newcomers comfortably perform exercises that they have never done before.

Prenatal and Postpartum Pregnancy Classes

Specialized for participation throughout your pregnancy and postpartum, this class helps you get your body back to normal. This class teaches students proper posture and body mechanics to prevent back pain and other muscular problems associated with pregnancy and recovery. It emphasizes total body strength, balance, and breathing control in a safe environment to focus on the conditioning of pelvic floor musculature.

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